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Morgan City Rentals

Offshore Rental Equipment
Why rent from Morgan City Rentals? 
Availability, Accountability, Reliability, and Dependability

  Diesel Welding Machine                            22,000 lb. Air Hoist                       700 cfm Hi-Lo Air Compressor
Morgan City Rentals has become a leader in offshore rental equipment due to our commitment to quality assurance and safety. We have customized our inventory and personnel training to meet and exceed the requirements of our clients. We actively upgrade our rental fleet by listening to our customers' needs, improving our processes, and keeping up with the new regulations being introduced to our industry.
                Peerless 6 x 6 Jet Pump                         10,000 lb. Air Hoist            Hydraulic Subsea Boring Drill
Our rental equipment fleet is the most diverse in the Gulf of Mexico. We continue to upgrade our inventory with new diesel air compressors, air tuggers, jet pumps, waterblasters, hydraulic units, hydraulic tools, diesel pumps, hydro-test pumps, calibrated recorders and digital dead weight testers, diesel welding machines, gas detectors, portable lighting, air spiders, flow meters, underwater video cameras, WACHS Subsea Cutting Tools, baskets, LARS systems, and an assortment of diving-related equipment and topside contractor tools.
                  60 GPM Hydraulic Unit                                                           Lincoln 4 Pack Pro Welding Package
Our equipment is designed, engineered, and certified for offshore use and meets all offshore safety requirements and regulations. All equipment comes with certified lifting slings that meet ASME B30.9 lifting standards.
Morgan City Rentals offers 24 hour service, 365 days a year from our three Louisiana Gulf Coast locations in Morgan City, Golden Meadow, and Broussard. Our unmatched and in-depth knowledge of offshore rental equipment and preventative maintenance ensure RELIABLE and DEPENDABLE rental equipment.
Morgan City Rentals offers many special services including in house fabrication to build, modify and repair equipment . We also offer training sessions to our clients, providing safe operating instructions and procedures on our rental equipment.



For any Rental, Rigging, or Compliance needs, Contact Us Today!

Morgan City 985-384-2004
Golden Meadow 985-475-5777
Broussard 337-524-1000

60 GPM Diesel Hydraulic Unit

Diesel Hydraulic power pack with working pressure of 3000 psi. Engineered skid package with 200 gallon reservoir.

Air Compressors

Offshore ready, skid mounted,  INGERSOLL-RAND models  from 185 CFM  up to 1600 CFM; wheel mounted 185 cfm models

Air Diaphram PumpsAir Diaphram Pumps from 1" to 4". Wilden and Ingersoll-Rand models
Air Hoist (Air Winches / Tuggers/ Man-Rider) RAM and Ingersoll-Rand Drum Mounted Hoists, certified engineered skids with certified lifting slings; Line Pull  from 1,000 lbs up to 28,000 lbs.
Air Movers & Port-A-CoolsPortable ventilators and air coolers for confined space or high temperature work areas, offshore and inland
Air Spiders and Personnel BasketsAir operated spider lifts and two/four man personnel baskets
complete with certification and certified lifting slings
Air ToolsImpact wrenches, drills, hacksaws, bandsaws, tigar saws, rivet busters, grinders, chippers, scalers, and miscellaneous air tools 
Air Volume Tanks
Skid mounted with certfied lifting  slings-  100 - 200 Gallon Tanks ASME Certified
120 PSI - 400 MAX PSI - multiple outlets
Aluminum Walkboards and Offshore rated Scaffolding
Aluminum  - 7' - 30' walkboards - hand rails available upon request  -
5 x 5 Safeway Scaffolding
BasketsEngineered certified with certified lifting slings- cargo baskets, diver work baskets, and tool boxes
Beam ClampsBeam clamps complete with domestic shackles - 2 ton up to 15 ton
CaviBlaster - Underwater Cleaning
Subsea industrial application to clean underwater surfaces using the forces of cavitation; Unit comes with hose reel and cavitation blast gun; skid mounted with certified lifting slings
Certified Launch and Recovery System (LARS)Diver LARS Boom System - rated for 4000 lbs with hydraulic power pack, certified frame with 4-part certified lifting slings and dive baskets
Chain HoistsCM and Harrington Hoists- manual and air operated - lifting from 1-1/2 ton up to 10 ton 
Cygnus Gauges & CP ProbesUltrasonic metal thickness inspection gauge and POLATRAK cathodic protection meter/probe.
Diesel 10 x 10 Godwin Dri-Prime PumpAn extremely rugged pump, the 10" (250mm) CD250M Dri-Prime pump, Skid mounted and pre-slung.
Diesel Cable Spooler Unit

Wire rope spooling units - MAX Reel diameter - 108"

Diesel Centrifugal & Test PumpsDiesel Water Pumps - Models from 3" to 10" - Test Pumps - to 20,000 PSI - skid mounted with certified lifting slings 
Dillon Dynometers
Dillon Dynometers - 25K up to 160K units -products with the highest structural
integrity and accuracy. Dillon force measurement devices and
dynamometers meet the challenges and highest standards of your industry.

Diver's Hot Water UnitsDHH 690A Standard Divers' Hot Water Unit with certified lifting slings
Gas DetectorsGas Alert MAX XT II -  detecting gas concentrations of H2S, CO,O2 and %LEL
Hilti BT Stainless Steel Threaded Stud GunsThreaded stud fastening system designed for coated construction steel
Holiday Detector (JEEP)Units used in non-destructive detection and location of pinholes in corrosion protection over metal or concrete
Hydraulic Guillotine SawsWACHS Hydraulic Guillotine Saws ( Super C - 12"; D - 16"; Super D - 22")
Hydraulic Units, Hose Reels, and Hydraulic ToolsDiesel-powered hydraulic units with certified lifting slings, skid mounted twin-line hydraulic hose reels, hydraulic tools (impact wrenches, drills, grinders, hacksaws, guillotine saws, cutoff saws)
Hydro Static Test Equipment Air and diesel test pumps, Barton pressure recorders, and VAETRIX digital deadweight gauges, and calibrated gauges
Jet Pumps and Accessories4 x 3 Patterson, 6 x 5, Patterson and  6 x 6 Peerless diesel-powered jet pump packages; Certified engineered skids with certfied lifting slings
Long Range Acoustical DeviceStop vessel encroachments on offshore projects with the LRAD 500X. This unit is a lightweight superior voice intelligibility and clarity delivers a directional audio broadcast beyond 650 meters.
NORM MeterLudlum Model 3 Survey Meter -calibrated portable radiation survey device
Pipe Slings and Pipe Sling Racks

Pipe slings (3/4", 1") and pipe sling racks for pre-slinging tubular items for offshore shipping. 25' and 30' slings, load test certified

Portable Air DryersAirPrep Systems (Air Dryers) eliminate moisture problems in the compressed air system
Portable Fuel TanksSkid mounted with containment, and certified lifting slings:  75 - 450 gallon fuel capacity
Portable Lighting
Skid Mounted diesel-powered 4 KW  Light Towers,
Wheel Mounted Light Towers
LED 150W Class I Div I Floodlights
Pressure Washers - Air, Gas, and Diesel ModelsSkid mounted offshore model air and diesel pressure washers and accessories. 3000 psi & 5000 psi models
RIDGID Threading Equipment

Pipe threading machines for maximum up-time, superior quality threads and minimal threading time

Sandblasting Equipment
600 lb. skid mounted blast pots and accessories
High pressure grit blast pots with certified skids and certified lifting slings
Snatch BlocksSingle and multi-sheave blocks, swivel hook or shackle
Specialty ItemsPollution domes, Yokohoma Bouys, aluminum drip pans, digital dynometers, VHF radios, and mag particle (black) lights
Trash CompactorsSkid mounted with certified lifting slings, offshore rated, commercial 30 and 40 cu. ft. trash compactors
Turbine Flow Meters2" and 4" models that display current flow rates and total flow at various units of measurement
Underwater Video SystemDiver underwater video and still shot camera systems
Water Blasting EquipmentHigh pressure Gardner Denver waterblasting units and accessories (10K - 20K psi at multiple GPM's)
Welding MachinesOffshore , severe duty, skid mounted diesel 400 AMP welding units, diesel trailer mounted 300 AMP welding units, MIG Wire feed units, and Lincoln Electric 4 Pack Pro Welders