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Morgan City Rentals

Wire Rope & Rigging Supplies
Meeting customer's wire rope and rigging needs every day with reliable customer service and product expertise for "Below the Hook" lifting.

Call Morgan City Rentals, Bishop Lifting Products or
Delta Rigging & Tools for any rigging request.

Lift plans that remove the risk are all about inspections and protection. Step One is inspection of all the rigging used for the job. Step Two involves risk management - asking your self all the right questions before the lift happens.

Frequent lift planning of rigging hardware inspection, damaged equipment retirement, and proper disposal of retired rigging components are essential to the protection of your crew, job site, and company. All slings are fabricated to exacting ASME 30.9 standards.

Never Exceed Working Load Limit
The wire rope and rigging division at Morgan City Rentals was established in 1998 to create a synergy with our rental division that would enable our clients a true "one stop shop” buying experience. With one of the largest fleets of rental air hoists in the industry and five Louisiana Gulf Coast locations, we can provide wire rope, wire rope slings, rigging hardware, polyester web slings, and round slings, tie downs, and lifting products for our customers in an efficient and timely manner. Our experienced Rigging Sales staff is trained and certified, ready to address our clients daily rigging and lifting needs.

Never Exceed Working Load Limit

All five of our full service Wire Rope & Rigging locations offers the following products and services:
  • Anchors
  • Chains
  • Come-a-longs
  • Chain Falls
  • Cordage
  • Rigging Hardware
  • Swivels
  • Hooks
  • Webbing Slings and Straps
  • Polyester Round Slings
  • Binder Assemblies
  • Shackles
  • Sockets
  • Socket Pouring
  • Slings
  • Tow Bridles
  • Snatch Blocks
  • Crane Blocks
  • Rigging Inspections
  • ROV Friendly Rigging Hardware
  • Sling Certification
  • Air Hoist Certification
  • Load Testing
  • Vertical Load Testing
  • DNV Certification
  • Pipe Slings
Morgan City Rentals/ Delta Rigging can perform load testing and compliance testing services for our clients as an additional added value service . Certification information is provided to the customer and is also stored securely in our on-line database. With a secure login and password, our clients have access to their certifications from any location through the internet.
Contact any Morgan City Rentals/ Delta Rigging & Tools locations for pricing and availability


Chain and Anchors

Offers and stocks all sizes of anchors, anchor chain, and accessories to secure and moor offshore barges and vessels

CM Bundle ClipsCM bundle clip is built for heavy duty bundling applications to prevent the chocker from going slack
Conversion Table and FactorsBasic measurement conversion information
CordageWide range of cordage -manila, nylon 3-strand, nylon 8-braid, polypro, polydacron
DNV Rigging AccessoriesDomestic hardware - Columbus McKinnon (CM) and Crosby products
Lifting Clamps and HoistsVariety of plate and beam clamps, come-a-longs and chain hoist
Load Test and CertificationOffers load test certifications with capacities up to 600,000 lbs.
Nylon Webbing Products

 Nylon and polyester sling division of Morgan City Rentals. Specializing in Nylon and polyester flat and round slings.

Rigging hardwareDomestic and import rigging hardware - Provides all sizes of hardware, hooks, shackles and wire rope clips
ROV hardware

Morgan City Rentals offers a range of ROV friendly shackles and hooks

ShacklesDomestic: Columbus McKinnon (CM), Crosby  
Snatch Blocks and SheavesMcKissick and Gunnebo Johnson -  Snatch Blocks and Sheaves
SocketsIn house or onsite installation of sockets
Wire rope

Domestic and import, bright or galvanized, non rotating and specialty wire

Wire Rope and Rigging ServicesSling fabricaton, inspection, testing and certification; Compliance testing, certification of lifting skids and frames; Rental spooling units
Wire rope and Synthetic Web SlingsIn-house fabrication of  wire, chain, nylon, polyester and pipe slings