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Morgan City Rentals

Compliance & Testing

Are your equipment skids, cargo containers, and tanks meeting the industry's new compliance standards?
With the ever changing safety requirements in the offshore Oil & Gas industry, Morgan City Rentals is equipped to meet these challenges by providing complete compliance testing services to our customers that meet industry and operators' lifting and rigging standards.  
Morgan City Rentals/ Delta Rigging & Tools is offering services for load testing and NDE inspections for equipment skids and cargo containers. Other compliance services include DOT inspections for tote tanks and computerized air hoist static pull certifications.
Call Delta Rigging & Tools, South Louisiana locations in Broussard and Houma for
any compliance request and quotations.

Broussard - 337-837-2713
Houma - 985-872-6368

Morgan City Rentals and Delta Rigging & Tools is proud to offer a solution to your rigging and marine supply testing needs in a location that will save your time and transportation cost.

Small apparatus: 8 wide X 8 tall (2 or 4 padeyes)
Big apparatus: 8 wide x 16 tall (2 or 4 padeyes)

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These services include:
  • Load and destruction testing up to 600,000 lbs.
  • NDE inspections of equipment skids, cargo containers and pad eyes
  • Compliance testing for project related fabrication
  • Certified, Level II rigging inspection technicians
  • Certified, ASNT Level II Inspectors (MT, PT, VT)
  • Re-certifications of wire rope slings
  • Wire rope and rigging hardware
  • Synthetic web slings testing
  • Web based data and certification access through a secure login and password
  • On-Site Compliance inspections and testing
Morgan City Rentals/ Delta Rigging & Tools offers compliance and testing services at our Louisiana gulf coast facilities in Morgan City, LA, Houma, LA, Golden Meadow, LA and Broussard, LA.

Items inspected and tested include: 

Equipment Skids and Frames                                  ROV Frames and Cages

550 Gallon Tote Tanks                                              Shipping Containers and Baskets

Spreader Bars                                                            Rigid Subsea Lifting Tools

Clamps (Shark, Tiger, Squid, Slammer)                  ROV Friendly Pins

Dive Stages                                                                Swivels

Our experienced technicians are trained and certified as Level II NDE inspectors and certified Level II and III rigging inspectors. Morgan City Rentals offers 6 - horizontal & 2 - vertical test beds for wire rope slings and destructive testing up to 600,000 lbs. Our vertical beds for skidded equipment and cargo containers have a pull rating up to 100,000 lbs. All test beds meet OSHA CFR 29 1910, ANSI 30.2, ANSI B30.5, ASTM A-391-85, and ASTM-E-4 regulations and standards.
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