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Morgan City Rentals

Customer Login
Certification information is provided to the customer and is also stored securely in our on-line database, giving you access to your sling and rigging certifications from any location through the internet by logging in with your login and password information.

These certifications are based on current industry standards and manufacturer recommendations.Our web portal offers our wire rope and rigging customers access to their certifications for wire-rope, wire rope slings, rigging hardware, and synthetic slings. All testing is performed by Proof Test Equipment calibrated to ASTM E-4 +/- 1%, traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. All testing and inspections are performed by certified and trained Level II Rigging Gear Inspectors.

Customers can also view their rental equipment out item report showing equipment that is still on rent. If you do not have a login and password, please contact us.
If you do not have a LOGIN or PASSWORD,
please contact MCR (985-384-2004)