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Morgan City Rentals

Synthetic Web Slings

Tuffy, South Louisiana is a trusted expert in synthetic web slings. We have established a solid relationship with our supplier Tuffy Products. We support a full portfolio of nylon and polyester flat slings and endless round slings. Tuffy Products main manufacturing facility is located in Forth Worth, Texas and additional manufacturing is performed in the Broussard, Louisiana facility.
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Our synthetic nylon web slings are made to meet OSHA, ASME B30.9, and WSTDA standards and regulations. All web slings are manufactured using heavy duty industrial grade nylon with a rating of 9,800lbs per square inch.
Tuffy, South Louisiana can offer our customers with made-to-order synthetic custom straps, twisted eyes, and endless round nylon and polyester straps.


Tuffy Products uses the most durable tag offered in the industry; Tuffy takes responsiblity for every sling. Each tag is sewn on a new sling to show its rated capacity and can trace each sling to a manufacturing work order. It's not only a stamp of quality assurance, it's a permanent record for us to know the precise sources and specification of webbing and hardware, even th emachine operator who made the sling. Before installing your slings, always read and follow the warning tag. 

Polyester Round Slings
 All round slings are manufactured to meet OSHA, ASME B30.9, and WSTDA standards and regulations. All round slings will be accompanied by documentation of certification.
Round Slings are made with high strength 100% polyester fibers. These fibers are enclosed in a seamless doubled walled polyester jacket providing maximum protection to the inner load-bearing fibers. Round slings provide an exceptionally soft and easy to work with rigging an item that grips the load without scratching or marring the load surface.
Tuffy, South Louisiana is a member of the Web Sling & Tie Down Association.