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Lincoln 4 Pack PRO Welders - offshore rated units now in rental fleet - Friday, July 13, 2012
Lincoln Electric’s rack systems (Model V350 $ Pack PRO) are ideal for grouping several inverter power sources in a portable industrial-grade package.
These inverter racks are constructed of heavy gauge square tubular steel to ensure long life, yet maintain an extremely compact size.
  • One easy connection –
  • Allows power sources to be connected with one primary power drop.
  • The power sources are factory installed in the rack and wired to the main power distribution panel.
  • Entire system meets National Electrical Code (NEC). –
  • Compare the best in class rated output and wide amperage range.Individual fuses –
  • Provide overcurrent protection for each power source.
  • Two overhead lifting eyes, two fork lift slots, and four heavy duty optional casters -
  • Provide ease of portability.
  • Optional Caster Kit - Available for Inverter Racks. Order K2665-1.
  • Standard length input cable -
  • Ensures the power sources can be placed in any position on the rack.
  • Units have Tweco® output connections
  • Units have a 200 amp, 600 volt, 3 phase disconnect switch
  • Units are IP23S rated